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Plastic Upcycling Workshop

  • Studio 64 Marin 64 Louise Street San Rafael, CA (map)

Plastic Upcycling

During the series of two workshops with Auli Sookari we will experiment with ways of creating new material from recycled plastic bags and wrappers. We will work together, testing materials and methods and sharing our ideas throughout the workshops. This is a creative, fun and useful way to upcycle plastics!

Plastic Materials

Basically all plastic wraps and bags can be used for this technique. Thin plastics work best, but thicker plastics can also be used, as well as candy wraps, bubble wraps, etc. In the end it all comes to trying out the plastic materials and finding the right temperature and ironing time for the desired texture and look. During the workshops you will have a chance to test several types of plastics and learn to adjust the ironing temperatures and times and create your own material.

The Method

The basic method of creating new material from recycled plastics is simple. You just melt layers of plastics together with an iron. This easy method encourages you to start experimenting with various plastics. The results are often surprising and sometimes unpredictable. You can work according to your personal preference either by making a careful design before you start or by just designing while you work. Even though the basic technique is simple, we will learn various ways to make it more complex and challenging and your materials look interesting. You can keep adding layers of plastics to your piece, or you can add pictures, yarns, papercuts, etc. between layers. You can add stitching by hand or sewing machine. You can also punch or cut it.   

What to make

Fused plastic material is perfect for products that need to be durable and waterproof, like bags and pouches. (I’ve made earrings, aprons, notebooks and currently work on a lampshade from this material.)

Plastic Upcycling workshop

Make your own fabric out of recycled plastic bags. Two sessions will include experimentation with different plastics and layout of a large sheet that could be used to make tote bags, makeup pouches or place mats.

This class fee is non refundable. Minimum class size is 6 people.

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