The nature of Studio 64 Marin is to create an environment for people to learn about and experience design, art and crafts.  In the architectural world craft and unique detail often come at a very high price.  Clients are frequently looking for ways to introduce originality and design into their homes without breaking their construction or furnishing budgets.  We will help to create hand made products that can be used in the home that will add a unique, personal touch .  We will also help people learn about the design and construction process. Our approach is geared towards the use and recycling of many of the building products that are typically discarded during construction.

Our business will serve anyone who is interested in art, design and the construction process and is willing to experiment.   We will assist those who need some expertise and guidance as they move forward with their own design projects.

Because we have been in the architectural  and construction business for over 25 years we bring both design and construction experience to the process.  We are connected to numerous artisans, designers, builders, tilers, cabinetmakers, etc. who all add to our talent pool and help supply us with ideas and materials.  Our location in the middle of the industrial area of San Rafael is central and near many of our subcontractors and sources.


"To provide a place  where the community can create and showcase art and design"


To have fun!