Functional Art

From place mats to bowls any item in the house can be decorative and beautiful as well as functional.  

Handmade Cards

Anyone can create one-of-a-kind hand-made cards.

Handmade cards are a perfect way to recycle.



Mosaics can vary from a decorated stone to a whole room.  Mosaic is a wonderful combination of many small and often broken pieces that make up a greater whole.

Shoe Art

Old shoes can be revived and turned into wonderful creations. Simple inexpensive shoes can be transformed.


Every important occasion needs an equally important tiara!


Transform an old piece of furniture into a fabulous piece of functional art.  Recycle old letters, magazines and cards. 

Recycled Art

We use all sorts of recycled materials to make art: tea bags, old books, magazines, maps, old business cards,  etc.